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Incident Report Form

For Emergencies, 24/7 CALL 911
Priority 1 – Emergencies or disasters with immediate danger to life, property, or the environment. The need for Police, Fire, EMS services include: threats to life or limb, medical/health emergencies, and crime-in-progress.

For Urgent Need of a Police Officer, 24/7 Police Dispatch CALL 435-627-4300
Priority 2 – Non-emergency incidents/accidents. This includes: investigations, interviews, witness contacts, lost property, vehicle and building lockouts, police escorts, petty theft, graffiti, roadway/traffic/parking problems.

For Police Records, General Information, Resources & Services, Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm, CALL 435-652-7515 or email policerecords@utahtech.edu.
Priority 3 – General University information and services. This includes: victim advocacy, police records, fingerprinting, notary, Utah criminal history checks, complaints, and Safety & Risk Department assistance.

This form is designed to provide students, employees, faculty, vendors, visitors, or others with an on-line method to report specific information related to an alleged incident(s) of discrimination, harassment (including sexual misconduct), or retaliation.  This report form does NOT go to the police department.  For police response, follow the directions mentioned above.

You are not required to complete the entire form in order for the complaint to be submitted. The institution will use the information provided to begin an outreach, which may include contacting the complainant, if you provide contact information, and/or any potential witnesses. However, if the report does not contain specific information and the identities of those involved, the institution’s outreach, potential investigation and/or response may be limited.

Please review the institution’s Policy 154 for additional information on the reporting and grievance processes.

Incident Report Form

GRAMA Request (Non-Police Records)

GRAMA Request (Police Records and Reports)

Records Request

Contact Information


Records Request


Your request for records will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), Utah Code Section 3-2-101, et. seq. Your request will be handled as soon as reasonably possible, but may take up to ten business days to be granted. (Utah Code Section 63G-2-204.)

Records containing information that has been classified as “Private” or “Protected” or is otherwise restricted may be redacted or denied in accordance with GRAMA requirements. (Utah Code Section 63G-2-202.)

I agree to pay a fee of $10.00 (per report) to cover the actual cost of research and duplicating a record if copies are requested. This fee is subject to change if extensive research and copies are requested. (Utah Code Section 63G-2-203.) I understand that I may request a fee waiver as permitted by Utah Code Section 63G-2-203. Pursuant to Utah Code Section 63G-2-203(5), a governmental entity generally may not charge a fee for: (a) reviewing a record to determine whether it is subject to disclosure, except as permitted by Subsection (2)(a)(ii); or (b) inspecting a record.


Definition of a Public Record

As defined in Utah Code Ann. § 63G-2-103, public record means a record that is not private, controlled, or protected and is prepared, owned, received or retained by the governmental entity. Records requested must be able to be reproduced from the original record.

Private, Controlled & Protected Records
A private record generally relates to an individual’s private interests and disclosure of such to the public would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of privacy. A record is considered controlled if it contains medical, psychiatric, or psychological data about an individual. A protected record covers a variety of records some of which are trade secrets and information that would impair governmental procurement proceedings. For a detailed list, see Utah Code Ann. § 63G-2, Part 3.

Initiating a GRAMA Request
Any person can make a public records request. However, public disclosure is regulated by several different statutes dependent upon the record. If you are the subject of the record, you may be entitled to information not available to the general public.

Time Limit for a Response to a GRAMA Request
A governmental entity has 10 business days after receiving a written request to provide the record, deny the request, or notify the requester that it cannot immediately provide a response due to extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances may require more processing time.

Voluntary Witness Statement (Fillable Form)

If you were involved in an incident on campus, or you witnessed an incident on campus, the voluntary witness statement is available for you to fill out.

  • Save the document to your computer, then open it
  • Start typing in the necessary fields
  • When completed save the document to your computer
  • Print out the completed form
  • Sign the form, scan it and then email it to policerecords@utahtech.edu
  • If you are not able to scan the document and email it to us you can bring the completed document to our office.  We are located on the N/E corner of the Anthony Burns Offices.
  • For questions call during office hours at 435-236-4000

Voluntary Witness Statement (Fillable Form)

Student Concern Form

Whether you are a concerned parent, friend, or student, the student concern form is one way that you can share that you are concerned about a student. Fill in as much information on the form below as you can. Someone from the Student Success Center, or their designee, will reach out to provide the student with support and resources. If you would prefer to discuss your concern with someone directly, you can call the Student Outreach Services at 435.879.4652. Please note that if you provide your contact information, we may get in touch with you to get more information prior to contacting the student. We do everything we can to preserve your anonymity if you choose to remain anonymous with your concern.

Please be aware that this form goes to the UT Student Success Center during normal business hours. It is not monitored after hours, on weekends, or on University holidays. UT has police officers available to respond to immediate concerns. If you have immediate concerns about the health or safety of a student of the UT community, call police dispatch at 435-627-4300. If there is an active emergency, call 911 immediately.


Submit a Student Concern Form with the link below.

Student Concern Form

Police Officer & Police Department Staff (Citizen Complaint Form )

Expungement of Police Records (Adult)

Click on the link, Expungement Guide, to review a community resource that provides information and guidance on cleaning up your Utah criminal records.  You can use the Toolkit and go through the expungement process without an attorney.  You can also go to, https://bci.utah.gov/expungements/, to review useful information about expungements.

Expungement Forms & Applications


Expungement Guide

Expungement of Police Records (Juvenile)

Before filing a Petition to Expunge Records, the petitioner must first obtain their adult Criminal History Report from the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI – publicsafety.utah.gov) of the Utah Department of Public Safety. The petitioner requests the report from BCI. There is a fee for the report. The judge might require that you file a criminal history report from the other communities in which you have lived.

Expunging Juvenile Records

Police Officer Ride Along Program (Civilian Request)

Enclosed is the Overview of UTPD’s Police Officer Ride Along Program and FAQ’s.  If you’d like to request a ride along, please fill out the Risk & Liability Form.

Overview of Police Officer Ride Along Program PDF

Police Officer Ride Along Program (Risk & Liability Form)