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Ron Bridge

Chief/Director of Public Safety

Email: Ron.Bridge@utahtech.edu

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Joe Deim


Email: Joe.Deim@utahtech.edu

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Juan Fulgencio-Milan


Email: Juan.Fulgencio@utahtech.edu

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Dan Hayes


Email: Dan.Hayes@utahtech.edu

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Matthew Cochran


Email: Matthew.Cochran@utahtech.edu

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Flynn Todd

Police Officer II

Email: Flynn.Todd@utahtech.edu

Display image of Mike Peacock

Mike Peacock

Police Officer II

Email: Mike.Peacock@utahtech.edu

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Teresa Starnes

Police Records Administrator/Victim Advocate

Email: Teresa.Starnes@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-236-4000

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Ethan Metcalf

Police Records Assistant

Email: Ethan.Metcalf@utahtech.edu

Police Patches & Coins


Veteran Patch

Autism Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Athletics Patch

Domestic Violence Awareness

President's Seal Patch

Challenge Coin

Safety and Risk Management Patches

In collaboration with The Safety and Risk Management Departments of Utah Tech University, the following patches are available for purchase.

Safety & Risk Management

Risk Management

Emergency Management

Health & Safety

Fire Marshal

Message from Chief

Utah Tech Police Department works tirelessly with University Safety and Risk Management to serve and protect the Trailblazer community and those who visit our campus. We are dedicated to service and providing a safe and secure environment for all.

The Utah Tech Police Department is comprised of highly trained officers who work in collaboration with our community and law enforcement partners to provide the highest level of professionalism and service. As a police department, we implement best practices and hold both state and international accreditation through the Utah Chiefs of Police Association (UCOPA) and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). We believe professional development for our police department is critical in our efforts to serve the UT community.

I am honored and privileged to serve as your Interim Chief of Police and I look forward to continuing to build a culture of inclusion and collaboration while in your service. As a reminder, we work in partnership with the campus community so if you see something, say something.

Thank you,


Ron Bridge
Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety
Utah Tech University





Student Housing Liaison Program

The Student Housing Liaison program was created to develop partnerships with all on-campus and off-campus student housing complexes. This partnership is focused on building strong relationships with students, housing managers, and Utah Tech Police Department.

Open communication is vital and necessary to effectively address safety concerns, problematic issues and violations of law. The Student Housing Liaison Officer works with everyone involved, to maintain a safe and secure housing environment for all.

Corporal Dan Hayes is the department’s Student Housing Liaison Program Administrator. He can be reached by email at dan.hayes@utahtech.edu.

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